Who Are We?

CodeShoppe Studios is comprised of a group of local software developers dedicated to serving Utah businesses and the community as a whole. We accomplish this through the design, build and stringent upkeep of modern, cutting-edge websites and applications that evolve with the ever-changing digital economy. Our developers are former information systems and logistics managers, stylists, and construction technicians who will meet you in person, buy you a coffee (or beer) and work to give you a site you can be proud of. Contact us today, we always offer a 100% free, no obligation consultation.

Business First

We refactor and design your website based on what you want and need from a strategical business standpoint. Call us directly or fill out the contact form and we'll set up a personal meeting with you locally in a modern, professional environment.

Immersive Design at a Low Cost

Our design team has the expertise and technical ability to increase traffic to your site through implementation of the newest,tested and true technologies. We accomplish more and charge less because we believe that the power of putting in a good word and becoming trustworthy developers will pay off in the long run.

Results Oriented

We're different than other Web Development companies in that we monitor your web traffic before, during and after deployment and provide you with detailed graphical layout of customers visiting your site so that you can spend more time on business and less time giving money to a company you can't call on a dime.


We offer a full suite of comprehensive web design, hosting & maintenance services.

Dynamic Websites

Fast and functional sites built from scratch with SEO and increasing business demand in mind. You have the option to customize and add features based on your business needs.


How many people visit your site daily? Monthly? How many interact with it? We provide all details to your inbox at your specified frequency.

Site Hosting

In 2018, website security is vital and necessary. We take over hosting for your site complete with instant & web-standard SSL Certification.

iOS & Android Apps

We can build you a standalone app for your business or a one that complements your web application.

Maintenance 24/7

Internet technologies and languages are constantly changing. We keep your site running smooth and are on call for any fixes your site may need.


We give you the option to add E-Commerce functionality to bring your product to the forefront of the web.

Our Team


Web Developer

Nichol is a former stylist and Social Media Manager with expertise in Business Operations and Management.


UI/UX Designer

Dan comes from a background in Sales and Supply Chain Logistics. He is a talented artist and extremely creative with expertise in Graphic Design.


Web Developer

Micah worked as a Project Implementation Manager for a Medical Construction company on projects across the country.


Web Developer

Nate is a US Army Veteran who worked in his previous role as an IT Security Officer with the Utah Department of Health.

Contact Us

370 300 E
Salt Lake City, UT. 84111